Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I guess it's time for a "State of the Union" speech.

Production finished (well, 99.98% of it anyway, there's still two quick shots needed) in November. We're extremely happy with the final cut of the film, and we are feverishly working to perfect all of the digital effects needed to make this puppy watchable. We're very excited for everyone to see the care we took in making this film, and how much effort was taken to make this movie as fun, ridiculous, exciting and entertaining as we could!

I started the Facebook "Recoil" fan page as a way to get the word out to everyone about the status of the film. Twitter, Blogger, and Youtube weren't cutting it, since all of those sites require a different sign in, and not everyone is interested in those kinds of things. This is a hub for all things Recoil, and I hope everyone will enjoy what we have to post here!

As you may have noticed, we've decided to offer our first film, Recoil (2005), in it's entirety on Facebook and Youtube. Technically, this isn't a masterpiece of film making, but it does serve to give everyone an introduction to the world and characters that we love so much.

Throughout the day I will be posting material from the first film as well as the current film, so keep your eyes peeled for some fun stuff. Most of it is available on Youtube already at, but I'm also posting material here to give everyone a chance to see all of the fun stuff we have!

I also linked the Facebook "notes" section with our official production blog (located at, so if you look, there's a lot of information already posted in our notes section.

I hope everyone enjoys our new little home on the web!


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