Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay.. what a night. We decided to shoot the car scene with Boots and Mangini, after they flee the shootout. It went really well and the two of them improved like old pros. Sean had to leave, so we broke for a while and ate and stuff.

Then, it all went to crap.

Doug doesn't necessarily like shooting movies. I don't blame him, it's not the funnest thing to do. But tonight it got a little out of hand. Justin was directing, and apparently Doug didn't like what he was saying. Justin wasn't being an ass or confrontational or anything, and then out of the blue, Doug decided that he was done for the night. We were all set up to do a blood shot, the green screening was all set up.. He just didn't want to do it anymore, because Justin wasn't "listening" to him. I was rather annoyed, but I let the two of them reason with each other. I mean, I understand getting annoyed because Justin wasn't understanding what the problem was. But when he asked to have it explained, Doug just told him he wasn't listening and he wouldn't tell him again, because he already explained it.

I dunno, the whole thing was a little childish and selfish. Josh came out late at night willing to do a blood shot, and I set up the green screening and had all of the logistics ironed out insted of taking lunch like everyone else did. I just hope that this was a once and done deal, and the production doesn't continue on like this.

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