Monday, July 6, 2009


Tonight started off rough and ended great. I set up the green screen in my garage so we could shoot footage of Josh getting shot in the arm while hanging out of the car window. He hangs out of the passengers side and shoots at McMurphy, following in the car behind. So, when I pulled the car up to the green screen...

Nope. My garage is way too small for this.

We talked about going to Josh's house at a later date and green screening in his big ass garage, but I figured we could get this knocked out of the way doing it legit.

We hit the road in my truck, and got a lot of good footage! Green screen background footage, lots of josh hanging out the window, and a good few takes of a bloodless bullet hit (to add in digitally later).

We did have a condom full of blood, but the camera battery died 2 seconds before Josh was going for the money shot.

Editors Note: The preceding statement should read: "We filled a condom with fake blood, which we were going to have Josh slam against his arm to simulate a blood explosion. Right before going for the shot, the camera battery died, leaving us stranded."

All in all, we got a whole lot of great footage this weekend, a nice kick in the pants to put us back into the swing. I had fun these last two days!

Edit: For a little treat, I decided to upload a fun blooper from a shoot last summer.

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