Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, after about six months, Recoil has gone back into "active production" status. We shot all new stuff, stuff that isn't in the script that we began with. The "year" off has given us some time to really iron out the kinks in the movie, allowing us to see what a lot of the flaws and good ideas are.

We shot a scene depicting a gun trade, with Jay playing the buyer and the one, the only, Sweet Loobs as the dealer. He's actually reprising his role from the first Recoil, Vinny Mangini (although he's never addressed by name, he has face value.) He sells Jay a rocket launcher all smooth, and then we shot some stuff to cut him into the firefight later on. It's gonna be grand.

After we finished with his Majesty, we went to a local park and shot footage of Jay shooting a rocket launcher, which will play into the new ending of the film. Just trust me when I say it's gonna be sweeeet!

Jay really is a great guy. His fiance is a lucky gal (that is, if he's as nice to her as he is to this movie; I think he is). He's willing to do anything to help us with the production, so much so that he's become a very valuable member of not only the team, but the work flow of the set. His lighting expertise has helped us really up the bar for our production. It seems that every time we shoot, we're getting better and better stuff. I like to believe that Jay has a lot to do with this.

So, to thank him, we put him in a dress and a wig, gave him a rocket launcher, and covered him in charcoal ash. I can't think of a better way to say thank you!

Tomorrow we're getting Josh to shoot the out of the car shoulder hit for the car chase. I'm not necessarily looking forward to it (green-screening takes a while to set up, and the blood sprayer is always a pain), but it will be nice to have this in that bag. It's another effect I can begin working on, which is good.

Here's hoping for a good shoot tomorrow!




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