Saturday, June 7, 2008


It’s been about a week since the last update. Things have actually been going very well! Yet again, without provocation, a lot of the problems that we have been facing have gone away. Max has been given full control of the image, so we have someone behind the camera that knows it’s ins and outs. Sound gear? not a problem any more. Justin’s friend, who I’ll call “CFNY (Chick From New York)” is sending us her microtrack recorder to use. Thank you a million CFNY!!

Ahhh... the digital effects. They are all FUCKING FANTASTIC! We did a very quick setup/test of the greenscreening rig, just to give me something to work with to find right from wrong. That tiny bit of setup time turned into a very fast and painless green screening job with little problems. I thought I’d have to slave over it for a while, but nope! I’ve yet to practice the bullet time effect we plan on using, but it should come out great. Everything else has.

We also had a table read of the script on tuesday. It was a grand slam in my eyes. Everyone there had trouble not cracking up, even Sean, who was probably nervous as all get out. It was his first time meeting us face-to-face, but luckily he had some bit of history with Amanda, who was at HACC with him last year (I guess). Doug as the Russian drug runner “Boots” Randolph is fucking killer. He is gonna steal the show in this one. Mark my words.

Car mount still isn’t finished. I’ll keep you posted!

Off to Max’s grad party. Later!

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