Sunday, June 1, 2008

Recoil: Returns

After a long, hard road, Recoil: Returns has begun filming.

There's a lot on the plate for this one, and I hope that it all comes out okay. Almost all of the righ elements are in place: We have the correct actors, we have the correct conditions, a better camera, and crew. The question now is simple: Can we pull it off?

I'm confident in our editing abilities.

I'm confident in the script, and the actors.

It's just the technical stuff that has me worried. We've got a whole lot of new stuff we're working with, little of which we've tested at any length. A master-jedi level camera, sound gear, and lots of digital effects.

Our first day of shooting seemed to go okay, and we all worked really well together. We did some car chase stuff, with me driving the "Villains" car and Josh driving the "Heroes" car. The first 3 shots we got, i'm not happy with. The idea was the put the camera on auto focus/ light balance. It didn't come out too well. The image was blown out and washy, as if slightly out of focus. It isn't awful, but it's not something i'm totally happy with. We're going to have to take some time to learn how to correctly use all of the camera's functions.

June 15th is going to be the do-or-die day. That is gonna be our first day of dialog shooting. Lord, be with us. It seems like we're okay, but I have a bad feeling that we're not, haha.

Today we're going to be testing out green screening techniques. I bought a dickload of green felt yesterday, prompting the lady behind the counter to say, "What, are you making a couple of pool tables?" I found that hilarious.

We're also going to be building a car mount for the camera. That is gonna be pretty sweet.

See yah later!

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