Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, Never did find that 70’s Feature Presentation footage. Oh well, I’ll come across it sometime.

So, we finally settled down on an intro sequence. We’ve got something, like, fucking awesome, for lack of a better term. Just you wait and see.

I just returned from testing out the finally finished car mount. In typical Kenn fashion, It deviated a bit from the directions.. but it seems to work out fine! We’ve got to tether it down with some bungie cords for actual XL-1 shooting, but suffice to say, I’m pleased. We’re testing out the microtrack II sync audio as well, but I’ve gotta wait for my capture/test camera to finish charging before I can do that.

Tomorrow we’re gonna have our first scene in the can. I can’t fucking wait! We’re getting all of our car mounted shots (shh!) and doing all of the Murph/Peterson green screen work. We also found a creative way to get around my window not working. Tits.

As long as tomorrow goes alright, I’ll be a super happy camper. There’s this awesome wheel-following shot that is totally gonna make this car chase. Just wait.

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