Sunday, June 8, 2008


Worked on the font for the new Recoil logo today. I’ve got a few choices, I just need Justin to “Red Pen” one of them, so I can start making it pretty. I really dig my new role in this production. Actor and computer guy. I can dig that.

I also started working on getting Area 69 functional. I’ve got some major cleaning out to do, and I want to set my futon bed back up in here if I can. We’re gonna have two computers going at the same time for the summer. Hopefully, we can manage a productive workflow. Hopefully, I say, because Bruce and I are both rather messy.

After Max’s grad party last night, Bruce and I came back here, poured some beer, and had a production meeting. We want to go into this with a totally different mindset than we had before, but it’s almost like Bruce is fading back into old movie making mode. Another duty of mine is now “Director-Director”, meaning, I direct him.

Okay! Now, i’m on to finding a good rip of that classic 70’s Feature presentation thingy.

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